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Wurrif-class light cruisers were the mid-range ships of the Ssi-ruuk.


The Wurrif-class was designed to escort the large, vital ships of the Ssi-ruuvi fleet, such as Shree-class battle cruisers, Sh'ner-class planetary assault carriers, and Lwhekk-class manufacturing ships.

Wurrif cruisers were 400 meters long and carried 200 Swarm-class battle droids. They were armed with the Ssi-ruuvi equivalent of 6 heavy turbolasers, 24 ion cannons, and 12 tractor beam projectors.

They were the smallest known Ssi-ruuvi warship crewed by Ssi-ruuvi officers. The Wurrif's crew complement consisted of 200 Ssi-ruuk, 1500 P'w'eck slaves and 156 enteched droids. The vessel could carry up to 2,000 metric tons of cargo.


Four Wurrif-class light cruisers were present at the Invasion of Bakura.



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