"Wutzek is a demon, a Force creature of unimaginable power. It's believed that long ago his kind owned the universe..."

Wutzek was a Force-sensitive demon, the last of his kind. He was imprisoned for many centuries by an evil cult called the Five. The Five used an Angle Trap Cage to create a dimensional paradox that Wutzek could not escape. Centuries later, sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Chewbacca, changed the alignment of the Angle Trap Cage, allowing Wutzek to escape. Once Freed, Wutzek destroyed and devoured the cult. After his victory he pondered the fate of the heroes who freed him. As an act of gratitude for ending his centuries of incarceration, mockery, and abuse at the hands of the Five, Wutzek allowed Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Leia Organa to go free. The liberated Wutzek, then burst free of the Five's warship, destroying it, and was now free to roam about in Imperial-controlled space unchecked.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

Wutzek was of a non-corporal, energy-based alien species. Its body produced a shifting, swirling, pulsating, and shimmering array of bluish-white light. Wutzek was capable of telepathy having shown its history to Chewbacca through vivid mental imagery. When not communicating, the being emitted a faint crackling sound when encountered in atmosphere. After disintegrating the bodies of the members of the Five Wutzek claimed to have also absorbed their souls. Unharmed by the destruction of the Five's warship, Wutzek survives easily in the vacuum of space. Once freed of the confines of the Five's warship, he expands to a size larger than the fleeing Millennium Falcon.[1]



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