Wydr was male Human Acolyte who is the twin brother of Balek.


During the Cold War, Wydr and Balek attended the Sith Academy on Korriban. Both the brothers disregard on Ffon Althe rather then the Sith Inquisitor. During the trials, Wydr and Balek were called to meet with Overseer Harkun. The Overseer possibly told them that they will never become sith or beat Ffon since he saw how weak they were. However, if the brothers would kill the Sith Inquisitor, they will have the right to go home. Wydr believed that this would be the only way to leave the academy, and gave hope to his brother that they could try and beat the acolyte.

After the Inquisitor approached the Training room, Wydr and Balek cornered the acolyte. Both the brothers immediately engaged the Sith Inquisitor, but the powerful acolyte defeated them.


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