"Just an unlucky wyvarl who didn't watch where she was going."
―Luke Skywalker, regarding a wyvarl caught in a drop-bramble[src]

Wyvarls were a reptile indigenous to a planet in the Maw where the dark side entity Abeloth was kept imprisoned for millennia, until 44 ABY. Wyvarls were large, bipedal lizards with broad green backs, thick tails, and a single blue eye. The lizard had a nictitating membrane that drew down over its eye when it went to sleep. Wyvarls lived in herds, and when in danger, a wyvarl drummed its tail against the ground in order to warn fellow herd-mates to stay away.

In 44 ABY, Luke Skywalker found a female wyvarl that had been trapped in a drop-bramble, a plant with poisonous barbs. Skywalker used the Force to make the wvarl go to sleep and then shot it with a blaster to put her out of her misery.

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