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Biological classification


Physical characteristics

Skin color

grey, red, green or blue

Hair color

the same as the skin

Eye color

yellow, blue, or red

Sociocultural characteristics



jungles and caves



Wyyyschokk, also known as webweavers, were arachnids that lived in the lower levels of Kashyyyk's "multilayered deathtrap" ecosystem. They were highly intelligent, though their intelligence level is unknown, as they were too dangerous to observe by living subjects, and droids were destroyed within minutes. In fact, wyyyschokk held the distinction of being the most dangerous predator on Kashyyyk, signifying them as one of the most dangerous in the galaxy.

While most wyyyschokk lived deep in the lower levels of the wroshyr forests, some populations could also be found in the Etyyy region where no kilometer-high forests grew, while others lived in the ShadowWeave Caverns in the Kkowir Forest.[1]

A blue wyyyschokk followed the Imperial stormtrooper Wayson Dower after his platoon was decimated by Wookiees. After he regrouped with two other troopersMilo Strander and Sterns Yennich—the spider continued to track the trio as they made their way back to their drop zone. Yennich, unaware of the danger, stepped into a clearing lacking adequate protection from below, and was attacked by the spider. After slicing through the trooper's leg armor with one of its legs, causing a large amount of blood to flow, the Wyyyschokk bit through the bark Yennich was standing on, piercing his chest. Curling into a ball due to the venom, he offered no resistance to the spider, which pulled him down for consumption.[2]

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The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia has an entry for "wyyyschok" (one 'k') pointing back to the "webweaver" entry; however, under webweaver, wyyyschokk is spelled with two k's, matching the spelling of older sources.



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