"I was talking with Forna when Forna and Oth and Grand were in Niima the other day, and they say that the X'us'R'iia all those months back uncovered an Uulshos XP, one of the yachts, you know?"
Devi, to Rey[src]

The X'us'R'iia was the name given to the desert storms on the planet Jakku. Named after the god R'iia, Teedos believed the X'us'R'iia was R'iia's breath, which punished their sins. The storms could last for days and were marked by deafening winds, thunder, and dry lightning.[1]

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The X'us'R'iia first appeared in Before the Awakening, a junior novel written by Greg Rucka and published in 2015.[1]


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