The X-Drone was a droid-piloted variant of the Z-95 Headhunter starfighter, which had superior capabilities and firepower to those of a standard Z-95. During the Clone Wars, the company Bespin Motors established an experimental facility on the planet Fresia, known as the Cerise Fog Project, which was used to create fields of fog to test the X-Drone in. However, the facility was eventually destroyed and details of the X-Drone project were kept secret. During the Galactic Civil War, designers from the Incom Corporation—the parent company of Bespin Motors—defected to the Rebel Alliance and during their withdrawal, a Bothan tech specialist salvaged an astromech droid that contained the schematics for the X-Drone.


Z-95 Headhunter variants
Z-95C4d · Z-95ER · Z-95 I3 · Z-95ML
Z-95 Mark I · Z-95 Mark II · Z-95t · Z-95XT
Clone Z-95 starfighter · Heavy-95 · X-Drone
Z-95 AF-3 · Z-95-AF4

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