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An X-ceptor was a type of Ugly starfighter, the result of ingenious engineering. Solar panel components would be salvaged from Imperial TIE Interceptor starfighters and attached onto the fuselage of Incom T-65 X-wings, creating what would be commonly referred to as another variant of the range of starfighters called Uglies, the X-ceptor. These Uglies were often produced by independent shipyards using salvaged wrecks of various starfighters and freighters, and is seen noted in service across the galaxy. The S-foils that gave the X-wing its maneuverability were replaced with solar panels salvaged from Imperial TIE Interceptors, while it retained the fuselage and engines from the Incom X-Wing. With the loss of the S-foil wings and mountings for armaments, the X-ceptor solar panels had been modified to house their heavy lasers in a similar fashion as the X-wings, providing this Ugly variant some comparisons to regular X-Wings. By retaining the engines of the X-Wing, the X-ceptor had a limited hyperdrive capacity and sublight speed. Performance wise, this variant was not as efficient as the X-Wings or the Interceptors. The build quality was not as guaranteed after they had been reassembled, often using recycled bodies and components of ship wrecks. Barely space-worthy, they were more commonly used in service by pirate groups, smugglers or other independent defense groups who did not have resources to equip top-line starfighters. Though capable against unarmed ships, they were a poor match against most starfighters.


X-ceptors were formed by combining the heat radiators of a TIE Interceptor with the body of an X-wing.

X-ceptors were far more effective than traditional X-TIE Fighters due to their increased armament of four laser cannons, but still weren't usually a match for a traditional purpose-built military starfighter.


X-ceptors were present at the Battle of Dantooine, where Jaina Solo covered one as it commenced an attack run against advancing Yuuzhan Vong forces.



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