Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron ½ is a short comic that takes place right before the Battle of Yavin.

It was reprinted in the Requiem for a Rogue trade paperback and Star Wars Omnibus: The Other Sons of Tatooine by Dark Horse Comics.

Plot summaryEdit

The story begins with the members of Rogue Squadron playing sabacc in a cantina on Commenor. During the game, Wedge Antilles receives a card that says Hanger Bay 31. As they arrive in the Hanger Bay, a group of men try to extort money from them by claiming that they stopped their landspeeder from being stolen. They quickly attack and disarm the men before meeting up with their contact, Nera Dantels. After confirming Wedge's code, she leads them to her ship, the Starduster and shows them her cargo, several R2 and R5 series astromech droids. As they leave the planet, a Stormtrooper radios Folor Base and informs them the ship is leaving. However, before they can make the jump to hyperspace, they are attacked by a squadron of Tie Fighters. The battle starts in their favor, as they destroy several Tie Fighters, however this doesn't last as Cesi Eirriss' X-Wing is damaged and another squadron of Tie Fighters appears. Realizing that there was not enough time to eject and get aboard the Starduster, Cesi tells them to jump to hyperspace before crashing into the new squadron, destroying 5 of them. After completing the hyperspace jump, Rogue Squadron and the Starduster arrive at Yavin 4 with the astromech droids. Rogue Squadron is then informed that the have a replacement pilot, Luke Skywalker.


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Behind the scenesEdit

This story was retold in Empire 12: Darklighter, Part 3 from Biggs' perspective.

This comic shows Luke meeting up with Biggs again for the first time since his return to Tatooine; however, it shows Luke in his farmboy clothing rather than his flightsuit.


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