X10-D, also known as Exten-dee and X-10-D,[1] was a red and bronze colored X10-D draft droid. The Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk used X10-D to control a variety of systems on his starship, Hound's Tooth.

Bossk finally earned the right to own an X10-D after a successful hunt. However in order to save a few credits Bossk purchased the brainless version which proved to be a mistake. When Bossk teamed up with two other hunters, Chenlambec a Wookiee and Tinian I'att while on the hunt for the Millennium Falcon the two turned on their Trandoshan comrade. With the help of a mini-droid slicer named Flirt they were able to gain control of the ship and X10-D who was wired into the Hound's Tooth's central shipboard, who was then used to lock his former master in the cargo hold. Chenlambec and Tinian I'att escaped with the ship while Flirt took the droid's body as her own.



Notes and referencesEdit

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