This article is about the Cularin warship. You may be looking for the XP-38 sport landspeeder.
"The XP-38 is a fine vessel, given to Cularin for her protection in good faith. It gladdens me to see her in orbit around your beautiful planet. At the same time, it saddens me when her turrets swing toward our own orbiting station in a menacing way. We are not a threat to you, people of Cularin."
Thurm Loogg[src]

The XP-38 was a Battle-class ship given to the people of Cularin by the Metatheran Cartel as a gesture of good will after the Cartel was expelled from the planet. The gift caused controversy when a transmitter was discovered mounted on the external gun turrets of the ship, designed to transmit data to an offworld location. Later, a empty container capable of carrying four such transmitters was found; the three other transmitters were never located. While Thurm Loogg tried to quell the rumors of nefarious plans with a speech pointing the blame at other parties, they persisted nonetheless.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

During An Uneasy Peace, a Living Force interactive held at Winter Fantasy 2001, the Metatheran Cartel gave the XP-38 to the people of Cularin. Several groups of players then toured the ship, with some finding a transmitter aboard, while another group found an empty transmitter case in another section of the ship.

These events were later described in the supporting article The Cartel's Gift, written by Morrie Mullins.



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