"We were so focused on perfecting the advanced sensor analysis of the XPLR-R, that we simply ignored our needs in corporate defense."
―Former VSIS president Rina Fio after the takeover[src]

The XPLR-R was a prototype hyperspace-route-mapping and habitation-location unit developed by Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems. During the Separatist Crisis, rival Arakyd Industries asserted that the XPLR-R borrowed heavily from the proprietary designs of their probe droid line. As a result, Arakyd demanded aggressive remuneration and technology rights of the younger firm and the two companies entered an 18-month-long dispute. However, VSIS was so focused on perfecting the XPLR-R's advanced sensor analysis that it ignored its needs in corporate defense.[1]

Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars in the year 22 BBY,[2] the dispute over the XPLR-R was resolved when Arakyd absorbed its smaller competitor in an armed takeover[3] of Viper Tower and kept VSIS in operation as a research-and-development division.[1] In possession of proprietary Viper technology, Arakyd released the Viper probe droid, the company's biggest success to date.[3]

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The XPLR-R was originally created for HoloNet News Vol. 531 50, a HoloNet News article written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens with illustrations by Joe Corroney and released on April 4, 2002.[1]


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