XS3 was an Imperial assassin droid.


Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, XS3 was dispatched to the Ithorian Herdship Bazaar along with the Human assassin Ferreges to assassinate Hanos Darr and Zaz Kamiroz, two Alliance to Restore the Republic agents who worked as miners in the Graveyard, the remains of Alderaan. The two were passing on information to the Alliance concerning the discovery of the Aldera Royal Palace in the debris field, unaware it was part of a trap set by Lord Darth Vader for the Heroes of Yavin. XS3 succeeded in killing Darr, by was destroyed in turn by Alliance agents.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Graveyard of Alderaan notes that it has been "months since Alderaan's destruction," placing XS3's destruction in 0 ABY.
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