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This article contains information that originated from an unlicensed Star Wars Legends source.

This article's subject originated in a source that was released outside of the Lucas Licensing process, and its licensing status was never confirmed by Lucasfilm Ltd.

X was a Kyrotech Blademaster X-260 model assassin droid produced by Kyrotech Corporate Combine.


X was found one day in a Kyrotech warehouse by a spaceport worker who thought he could earn some quick credits from selling the droid. Almost as soon as word of the droid reached the Exchange, Zhen Mirat snatched the droid up and had it reprogrammed for his own use. X was known to carry around several weapons on his body which included a blaster pistol, a magnablade propeller, and a vibroblade. He was an efficient killer with all of these weapons. It was thought that he died along with The Fatal Visionaries when a group of rebels destroyed them.


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