The Xanter-class frigate was a starship designed by Rendili StarDrive during an exploration boom which occurred approximately 500 years prior to the Galactic Civil War. The frigate was designed from the ground up for exploration missions beyond known space including such features as a hydroponic garden, a well-equipped galley, spacious quarters, and equipment for a variety of recreational activities. The class also carried three fully functional hyperdrives and a trio of ion engine systems to greatly decrease the chances of a ship being stranded by drive failure.

While all of these features reduced its armament to a level below that of most warships of the same size class, it still carried a variety of weapon systems for self-defense. The Xanter-class also maintained hangar space for half a starfighter squadron.

While the model was no longer in production during the build up to the Galactic Civil War, some remained in service in corporations or expeditions based in the Outer Rim Territories.