"The Mandalorians will rise again!"

Xarga was a Human male Mandalorian drill instructor who served under the command of Mandalore the Preserver during the time of the Mandalorian Wars. He wore yellow Neo-Crusader armor reserved for Mandalorian high-ranking warriors. He gave Meetra Surik the task of finding and retrieving Kumus's gear, presuming him dead in the jungle, after having been gone for 3 days. Surik returned with a living Kumus, who, unbeknownst to Xarga, had simply been stuck atop a possible cache-site rigged with explosives, with Bomas below, until Surik slew them. During the Sith Assassins' attack on the camp, Xarga participated in, and survived, the battle, and apparently observed and commented upon Kumus' skill in battle. He assisted Surik's companions in defeating the Sith on Dxun during the Second Battle of Onderon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Non-canonically, Surik can kill Kumus and return only with his gear, as instructed, without Xarga knowing Kumus had survived. Alternatively, they can tell Xarga why Kumus was alive, and that he had lost his ammunition and been surprised in such a "dishonorable" way.