"—engines are completely shot. Have to cycle down the reactor. I can lock down Engineering if there's any sign of a coolant leak. Need to talk with Chief Diirn. Non-emergency power is hard-shunted to the research labs. Since when is preserving test subjects priority over keeping the rooms lit?"
―A report left by Xarval[src]

Xarval was a male Duros who held the position of vice engineer aboard the Theoretika, a mobile research starship operated by Czerka Corporation over a century before the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. When the ship was damaged and stuck out in the Unknown Regions, Xarval found the engines to be completely useless, and was angry to find that non-emergency power was being shunted to the ship's research labs. As time went on, Xarval and other crewmembers suspected Chief Diirn of hoarding food in the lab, but when they broke into the lab, Xarval and the others were killed by Specimen Gamma 19.