"Those cursed slavers…"
―Xavi, on the Zygerrians who attacked his home[src]

Xavi Brightsun was a human male who lived in the settlement of Reestkii on the desert planet Jakku. When the settlement was overrun by Zygerrian slavers sometime after the Battle of Endor, he and the other residents were rounded up and locked in the town hall. While imprisoned, the Nu-Cosian pet-seller Bobbajo kept the children calm by telling them a story about he and his animal companions escaped from the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. Once the tale was finished, the storyteller left the town hall and revealed all the slavers had been subdued by unknown forces, allowing the residents of Reestkii to claim the Zygerrian's gathered wealth.[1]

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Xavi Brightsun first appeared in the short story "All Creatures Great and Small", which was written by Landry Q. Walker and released as an eBook in 2015.


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