Cadet Xeal served in the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps during the Galactic Civil War. Maarek Stele befriended Xeal before his disappearance toward the close of the Conflict at Mylok IV. Xeal's name however, did not appear on the KIA listings aboard his mothership, Frigate Shamus. Xeal re-emerged later during the Treachery at Ottega, running into Maarek Stele in the pilot's lounge between sorties. On sight, Stele noted to himself that Xeal had gained the "killer's eyes", far from the war weary Cadet Xeal had been before.

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During the Mylok IV campaign Xeal recognized Maarek Stele in the mess hall aboard Nebulon-B2 frigate Shamus. Rumors of Stele's prowess had begun to circulate around the fleet, urging Xeal to contact Stele in the hopes of studying his techniques, at least enough to survive. Xeal's arrogance set Stele aback at first, however after Xeal sat before him at the table and requested aid, Stele realized that Xeal's arrogance was simply a front to conceal his fear. During one of the few exchanges between Xeal and Stele, Xeal asked "Why to do we hate the Rebellion". Stele rapidly hushed his subordinate, then continued to voice accomplishments of the Empire, furthermore the fact of war is the enemy is shooting at you, naturally you'll return fire.