"Basic rule of xenoarchaeology: You don't unleash a foreign technology into a population center, especially one with a man-machine interface."
―Captain Golah[src]

A xenoarchaeologist.

Xenoarchaeology was the study of vanished off-world or alien cultures through the scientific analysis of the artifacts left behind.[1]

Known xenoarchaeologists included the Rodian Suz Tanwa[2], the Brizzit Tzizvvt[3], the Sullustan Blibbie[4] and the Human doctors Anki Pace[5], Fasha Dansun[6], Angrail Ryhl[7], Henrietya Antilles, Garv Debble and Milanda Vorgan. Dr. Shilaea Motacc, an experienced amateur in archaeology, was a professional of different sciences.[4] The Kallidahin were considered xenoarchaeologists, though they only researched their own possible ancestors, the Eellayin. Xenoarchaeology was closely related to the similar science of Xenosociology.

The worlds of the Gree Enclave were especially attractive to xenoarchaeologists as they contained exotic artifacts and advanced technology since lost to the wider Galaxy.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

A xenoarchaeologist was one of the templates in Heroes & Rogues, a sourcebook for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.



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