Xerxes Quintas was a Sevari spice lord during the Galactic Civil War who ruled the clans of the Southern Deserts. He was bearded, big-bellied and good natured with a hearty laugh, but he was also a shrewd businessman who would trade with other Spice Lords or even pit them against each other to improve his own situation.


Relations to the Empire and the Sevari of the Southern DesertsEdit

Nearly half of Quintas' mines in the Southern Deserts were operated by the Galactic Empire, using prison slave labor. While Quintas and his people profited hugely from this deal with the Empire, many of the nomadic clans of the Southern Deserts felt that he was misrepresenting them by permitting the Empire to destroy whole regions and giant spice eel nests via their relentless mining.

Quintas' clansEdit

Quintas lived in a large wind carrack as preferred by the Sevari of the Southern Deserts. It had colorful sails and numerous wind kites were attached to it. Often his clans would form entire villages consisting of family ships that would travel wherever the wind took them. Quintas, like many of his clansmen, mastered the use of the deadly weapon called a curva blade.


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