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This article is about the letter Xesh. You may be looking for the Force Hound named Xesh.
The Aurebesh
AurekArial BeshArial CreshArial DornArial EskArial FornArial GrekArial HerfArial IskArial
Aurek Besh Cresh Dorn Esk Forn Grek Herf Isk
JenthArial KrillArial LethArial MernArial NernArial OskArial PethArial QekArial
Jenth Krill Leth Mern Nern Osk Peth Qek
ReshArial SenthArial TrillArial UskArial VevArial WeskArial XeshArial YirtArial ZerekArial
Resh Senth Trill Usk Vev Wesk Xesh Yirt Zerek
CherekArial EnthArial OnithArial KrenthArial NenArial OrenthArial ShenArial TheshArial
Cherek Enth Onith Krenth Nen Orenth Shen Thesh
"You have a name? I don't want to keep calling you ”boy”."
"Of course. Should have guessed. It's written all over your face."
Daegen Lok and the Force Hound Xesh[src]

The letter AurebeshSans-SerifBold x.png was the twenty-fourth letter of the Aurebesh alphabet. It was pronounced "zesh", and had the value of /X/.

The Force Hound Xesh had the letter tattooed in purple on his face.



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