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"In Eternal Homage to Xim, Whose Fist Shall Enclose the Stars and Whose Name Shall Outlive Time."
―The words engraved on the vaults entrance façade[src]

A complex of treasure vaults was built on the planet Dellalt by the empire of the Tionese despot, Xim. A message inscribed above the façade of the vaults declared them a homage to Xim, and they were created to hold the riches it was expected he would amass from his war against the Hutt species; however, the conflict ended with the despot's defeat at the Third Battle on the world Vontor, and so the vaults were never filled. Many millennia after the vaults were built, the historian Bleys Harand visited them in his quest to view an accurate depiction of Xim. However, He found no such image in the complex or elsewhere on his journey, which he documented in his book Travels Amid Strange Stars.[1]


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