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Xin Baliss was a Human male who served as a member of House Baliss, a noble family that remained neutral throughout the war between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


After the smuggler known as Ace stole a datapad from the Baliss estate to allow House Teraan to regain their lost fortune. Xin Baliss was sent by his father, Duke Baliss, to exact vengeance against House Teraan by challenging Lenn to a blaster duel to the death. As Lenn had never mastered the blaster, he and his sister Cedonia persuaded Ace to stand as their champion. Xin impatiently waited for the Teraan's champion in their quarters at House Organa. Upon meeting Ace, he was very dismissive of the offworlder. When they began fighting, Xin believed that he could beat Ace, but he was immediately defeated.

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