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"Obi-Wan... if I told you that he's incredibly well-defended and that his skills with a vibrowhip rival yours with a lightsaber–would you reconsider allowing me to fight at your side?"
Aayla Secura[src]

Lord Xist was a Black Sun Vigo who lived in New Coronet, on the planet Trigalis, during the Clone Wars. Ostensibly, he ruled the lawless world from his position there.

Xist worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, running weapons and intelligence. He was known as a great warrior, and wielded a powerful vibro-whip. Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that Xist had information he needed in his mission to track down and redeem Asajj Ventress. Kenobi infiltrated Xist's estate, and upon finding the crime lord, engaged him in a duel. While Xist was skilled with his whip, he was prideful, and Kenobi handily defeated him. Knowing when he was beaten, Xist reluctantly gave Kenobi the coordinates to Drama Korr's freighter, saying that this was where Kenobi could find Ventress.



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