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Saruwen station

Saruwen Station. Note the Class-D cargo containers floating in space nearby.

The Xizor cargo container product line was a series of various-sized and modular freight containers designed to store cargo during transit in space and through hyperspace. Manufactured by Xizor Transport Systems, they could be loaded onto a wide variety of transports and freighters. The product line ranged from Class-A through Class-L, each class offering different shapes, sizes, and suggested cargo. Xizor Transport Services containers were specially designed to protect their cargo against the rigors of space travel, but were also a cheap and useful place to store cargo outside a space station rather than occupying valuable pressurized volume inside. As a result, storage depots across the galaxy had clusters of cargo containers floating in space near more permanent installations.


Xizor Transport Systems
Xizor cargo containers
Class-A (CN/A) · Class-B (CN/B) · Class-C (CN/C) · Class-D (CN/D) · Class-E (CN/E) · Class-F (CN/F)
Class-G (CN/G) · Class-H (CN/H) · Class-I (CN/I) · Class-J (CN/J) · Class-K (CN/K) · Class-L (CN/L)
Container hangar (CN/Hgr) · Pressure tank (Pr/Tk) · Cargo canister (C/C)
Container transport · XQ4 Platform

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