"Easy, Kindin. Greetings, gentlebeing Captain. We are here on behalf of Rogun the Butcher. It seems he'd like a word with you."

Xo'ru was a Kel Dor male bounty hunter who served under the employment of Rogun the Butcher during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, he was sent by Rogun the Butcher along with another hunter named Kindin to Ord Mantell to capture and bring back the Smuggler known as Ace for believing him to have stolen a shipment of weapons which was supposed to be delivered to him.

When Ace arrived at the docking bay in Drelliad village, he was confronted by Xo'ru and Kindin who too had just arrived. Unwilling to convince Ace to come with them, the two along with Ace and Corso Riggs got into a fight which both Xo'ru and Kindin were killed.


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