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"Attention YT-2400 freighter, we're here to assist."
―Hera Syndulla contacts Iron Squadron[src]

The YT-2400 light freighter was a YT series light freighter.[2] In the years before the Battle of Yavin, one such vessel used by the Iron Squadron assisted the early rebels in a battle against the Galactic Empire over Mykapo.[4] During the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance to Restore the Republic utilized the YT-2400 as a troop transport.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

YT-2400 light freighter-SWC

A YT-2400 on a landing pad

The YT-2400 light freighter first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 1997 re-release of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, where it is seen in the background taking off from Mos Eisley. The design was made popular with the Star Wars Legends multimedia project Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.


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