"These Shrieks, they don't offer the atmosphere any respect."
―Han Solo to Wedge Antilles in 40 ABY[src]

The YT-5100 Shriek-class bomber was a Corellian craft used in the Second Galactic Civil War.


They were shaped like smaller YT-1300 light freighters. Their armaments included frontal torpedo tubes, concussion missiles, a top-mounted quad laser cannon, and a bottom-mounted bomb/spotter droid drop pod. They had three engines and were painted black. Their pilots wore green and black/white suits.


As of 40 ABY, only ten late-model prototypes and several earlier models existed. The Galactic Alliance lacked intelligence on these bombers due to their novelty and the Corellians used that to their advantage. Several of them were organized into Panther Flight for the Battle of Tralus, two of which were piloted by Han Solo and Wedge Antilles.

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