The YU-410 light freighter was a light freighter produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation.



A YU-410 attacking an Action VI transport

At 44 meters long, the YU-410 was relatively large for a light freighter, and could carry a fairly impressive 250 metric tons of cargo.

It was also well armed, with four double laser cannon turrets, mounted on the upper and lower hull and at the front corners of its two cargo bays. However, these advantages came at a price, as the YU-410 was relatively slow and had very poor maneuverability. As part of cost-cutting, it was equipped with smaller than normal engines that led to a low maximum speed and reduced maneuverability. Like most CEC designs, it was easily repaired and modified.[2]

Due to its large cargo capacity and low profile, it was a popular model with merchants and mercenaries. The large cargo space was often converted to opulent living quarters, making the YU-410 into a mobile base of operations. The large cargo bays also helped smugglers hide objects from customs inspectors.[2]

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Galaxy at War states it came with 2 double laser cannons, while other sources state 4 double laser cannons.



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