The YV-330 light freighter was a YV series light freighter produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. It was 26 meters long, and its standard armament was a twin laser cannon turret mounted beneath the cockpit. YV-330 freighters were often used by smugglers, and modified with heavier weaponry.

The YV-330 was usually used by the Corellian Security Forces for patrol and customs operations, and the ship is truly more than a match for smugglers and pirates. The ship's main hull was separated in an engine and crew section which was rather small and didn't leave much space for passengers or even cargo. Most of the space was needed for the crew quarters and gun wells, of which the ship had plenty.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The only source of detailed statistics for the YV-330 is an article in Star Wars Gamer 2, which describes Emerald Lance. As Emerald Lance is a heavily modified ship, the standard YV-330 is likely slower and less heavily armed, but with greater cargo capacity.



A modified YV-330.