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"There's more at play here than you can guess and my master wants the Mandos out of it."
―Yaga Auchs to Hondo Karr[src]

Yaga Auchs was a male Human Mandalorian warrior who fought during the Sith–Imperial War. However, he was loyal not to the rightful Mandalore, but to a third party who wanted the Mandalorians out of the war.

After betraying Hondo Karr and Chernan Ordo at the Battle of Botajef, Auchs took command of the remaining Mandalorian forces. As a result, he claimed the title of Mandalore for himself and kept the Mandalorians out of the rest of the war.

At the time of the Second Imperial Civil War, Auchs was still in control of the Mandalorians. But unknown to him, Hondo Karr was still alive. After reuniting with his ex-wife, Karr returned to the Mandalorians, intending to bring Auchs to justice as well as exact his revenge upon the treacherous Mandalore.


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