Yakown Reth served the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong War, leading first Green Squadron and then Blackmoon Squadron of E-wing starfighters. He did not favor the newer tactics employed against the Yuuzhan Vong, preferring a more straightforward approach in dogfighting. Captain Reth and the Blackmoons were stationed on Borleias in the wake of the Fall of Coruscant. The captain was a elite pilot, though the constant action over Borleias took a toll on him physically. He also began to question the motives of General Wedge Antilles, unable to understand why he was allowing the Lusankya to die off piece by piece. The stress of the Battle of Borleias finally took its toll on Reth, rendering him paranoid. Upon Luke's return from his expedition to Coruscant it was stated that, only that day, Blackmoon Squadron had lost three pilots, including its commander and second in command, implying that Yakown Reth had died in action. In fact he was relieved of duty due to battle-stress-induced paranoia. Eventually, Luke Skywalker took his place as Blackmoon leader.