"You're helming Ultimatum only while Captain Karlsen is detached elsewhere, no?"
"Yes, my lord. There are more captains than postings."
"Then we must build Star Destroyers faster. Perhaps Karlsen can return to one of those, instead-while you keep Ultimatum."
―Count Vidian and Captain Sloane speak about Karlsen[src]

Yale Karlsen[2] was a male captain of the Imperial Navy who commanded the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ultimatum during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] In 11 BBY,[3] Karlsen was detached from his vessel to be sent on other business while command was temporarily given to Rae Sloane, a more junior captain who had no vessel of her own to command due to the Navy having more captains than Star Destroyers. While Sloane was in command of the ship, it was assigned to take the industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian to the planet Gorse, a mission which escalated into a conflict with a group of local rebels. During the conflict, Vidian offered to use his connections to make Sloane's posting permanent, claiming Karlsen could be commander of a different Star Destroyer instead. The Count later told Sloane that he had made the necessary arrangements for Karlsen to be offered a job in the private sector; however, Vidian was ultimately revealed to have betrayed the Empire and was killed during the conclusion of the conflict around Gorse. Despite Vidian's promises amounting to nothing, Sloane was given Karlsen's posting permanently in recognition for her part in Vidian's downfall.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Yale Karlsen was first mentioned in the novel A New Dawn, which was written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2014. Karlsen's first name was not given until the short story "Bottleneck," also written by John Jackson Miller, which was released as part of the compilation book The Rise of the Empire in 2015.


Notes and referencesEdit

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