Yalt was a male Human who lived on Nal Hutta and served Nem'ro the Hutt as an accountant. After betraying Nem'ro and joining the Fa'athra Clan for the promise of higher pay, Nem'ro hired a rising bounty hunter seeking a spot in the Great Hunt to track him down and kill him.

When the bounty hunter found Yalt, he begged for mercy, explaining that Fa'athra manipulated him into betraying Nem'ro.

The hunter chose to kill Yalt, saw off his head, and bring it to his wife at Nem'ro's Palace, in full compliance with his contract. Yalt's wife then fled Jiguuna in horror.

Behind the scenesEdit

If Yalt is allowed to live, he crashes Fa'athra's bank accounts before fleeing the planet with his wife. Upon Nem'ro's next meeting with the bounty hunter, Nem'ro notes the fact that Yalts wife fled the planet and congratulates the bounty hunter for crashing Fa'athra's accounts without knowing if the accountant is dead. The bounty hunter can also double-cross Yalt by allowing him to crash Fa'athra's accounts, then killing him when he asks if he can go.


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