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"He does not wish to sell me. He has said this repeatedly. With as many sensory organs as you possess, how can you not have understood this point? Least of all does he wish to sell me for scrap. The point of this visit is to purchase a complete-or even partial-protocol unit. Preferably an I-5YQ."
―I-5YQ, to Yarg[src]

Yarg, also known as Honest Yarg, was a Gran trader who operated the shop Honest Yarg's Droid Emporium in Ploughtekal Market on the planet Coruscant.


In 18 BBY, the Sullustan Den Dhur and the droid I-5YQ visited Yarg's shop, hoping to acquire a protocol droid chassis to replace I-5YQ's former body, which had been destroyed in an encounter with Darth Vader. However, Yarg misinterpreted the situation and assumed that Dhur was there to try and sell his droid companion.

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