Yarmond was a male Yuuzhan Vong who disguised himself as an ambassador from the Imperial Remnant's Outer Rim using an ooglith masquer. He was present at a meeting in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant with Borsk Fey'lya, Ambassador Jydu, and several other dignitaries. He falsely assured the Chief of State that there was no evidence of an invasion in the Outer Rim.

When Finn Galfridian crashed into the meeting, Yarmond kicked him unconscious to prevent him from revealing his secret.[1]

He reported the capture of Finn Galfridian to Tsalok via a villip and informed Tsalok of Finn's ability to sense Yuuzhan Vong even when they were concealed. Tsalok commanded Yarmond to make sure Finn did not escape so one of his warriors could collect him. [2] He then met his end by the Dark Jedi Dray's lightsaber.


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