This article is about the company. You may be looking for other references going by the name of Yarrow.

First conceived by Evin Yarrow during the beginning of the Clone Wars, Yarrow Industries' main source of revenue was gained through the production of cheap and inexpensive speeders, air speeders, and small space ships. Evin Yarrow's ex-wife, Dantrua Haggi, had valuable contacts within the InterGalactic Banking Clan and was able to secure large loans to help fuel the business in its earlier stages. After the InterGalactic Banking Clan's investment in the Separatist Allies in the Clone Wars went dry, Evin Yarrow eventually decided to withdraw from the now waning galactic economical power. Yarrow Industries would also later unknowingly benefit from its former allegations by means of the secretly invested billions of credits fed to the InterGalactic Banking Clan and expand to be a market leader during the Galactic Empire's 19 year reign under Emperor Palpatine.


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