Yashu-Vo was a Voss living on Voss during the Galactic War.


During the time of the Galactic War, Yashu-Vo was a failed Voss Mystic and became part of Sith Lord Beldiss's plan to take failed Mystics and teach them the ways of the Sith, therefore reducing the need the alliance with the Voss in favor of an army of Voss Sith. Their training was interrupted by a Republic citizen, who was invited to Beldiss to show that the failed Mystics joined him willingly. But when Yashu-Vo and his cohort considered joining the Jedi, Beldiss, unwilling to lose his disciples to the Jedi, lashed out and revealed his true colors. After the Republic hero defeated Beldiss, Yashu-Vo and the others decided to turn away from the Sith teachings. Though they were uncertain as whether the Jedi would take them in or not, the hero convinced Yashu-Vo and the other failed mystics to go to Tython where they would become Jedi and follow the path of the light side.