A product of The Nerfworks design group, the Ycaqt droid cargo ship was named after a rather stubborn riding beast native to Velmor, a planet on the Mid Rim.

The initial idea was to create a droid cargo ship capable of hauling large amounts of freight on short runs along secure hyperspace lanes. Nerfworks hoped the ship would revolutionize space transport, but while able pilots, the droid brain lacked the negotiating fervor of sentient captains. They also all too frequently became lost during hyperspace jumps, arriving at their programmed destination sometimes weeks, even months late.

Ycaqt droid brains also had a reputation for 'prissiness' similar to that of most protocol droids and tended to get trigger-happy with ships that refused to maintain a respectful distance. Most Ycaqts, however, were armed with only ion weapons and nothing heavier.

Some large corporations found Ycaqts to be economical—especially once their hyperspace routes were reprogrammed—but the majority of cargo was still hauled by independent freighter captains.

21 meters long with a cargo capacity of 250 metric tons, the Ycaqts had no room for interior crew, but one or more ASP labor droids could be found stationed in the cargo area.


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