The Yeb language was an idiom that was poor in technical terms, which often obligated interpreters to use contrived linguistic equivalents. Even the famous protocol droid C-3PO, who could speak more than six million forms of communication, had trouble translating into Yeb language.

Known phrasesEdit

  • Ee-tsuü Cybloc XII. Ee-tsuü Cybloc XII. N’geeswâ el-tipic’uü ava’acuationma-teemâ negpo, insky. Dzgor groom Cybloc XII. Dzgor groom Cybloc XII. Hch’ca shmim’ch vrörkshkipfuth gna gna kabro n’grabiaschkth moah. - "Distress on Cybloc XII. Distress on Cybloc XII. Please send an evacuation team. Please send an evacuation team." (The litteral meaning was more like "Several conglomerates are urged strongly but respectfully to coordinate activities to prevent the drowning of another conglomerate that is not a threat to any of them, nor will be in the immediate or distant future to them or to their children."