"I won't be comfortable until our targets are laid out for autopsy."
―Yem Leksende[src]

Yem Leksende was a male Human, who was head of Czerka Corporation and a member of Star Cabal who oversaw the entirety of Czerka's actions throughout the galaxy during the Cold War and the Galactic War. He was also the father of Gayem Leksende, the leader of the special enforcement arm of Czerka.


At the time of the Cold War in 3643 BBY, Yem Leksende was the Head of Czerka Corporation, often times leading the Board of Directors and enforcing Czerka's neutrality.

One such moment was during the Battle of Corellia by the resurgent Sith Empire, where he apologized for the actions of Czerka Corellia in opposing said invasion. In 3641 BBY, Yem Leksende was revealed to be a member of the Star Cabal and appeared on hologram where he discussed his terms in front The Prince. It was not long until The Prince and the members were attacked by an Imperial agent, codenamed "Cipher Nine".


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