The Yentarr were a deity-like entity that the deeply religious and philosophical Bosph species believed in. To the Bosph Yentarr meant unknown spirits and any phenomenon the species could not explain was attributed to have been due to the Yentarr. One such phenomenon was the Force, which the Bosph called abo b'Yentarr, meaning power of the gods. In Bosph society those who wielded abo b'Yentarr were named Ela b'Yentarr and brought into one of the species various government factions to rule their homeworld Bosph. When the Galactic Empire bombarded the Bosph homeworld after discovering the Force-sensitive government, the Bosph took up a policy of dis-remembrance toward the Empire, refusing to acknowledge them as the ultimate insult a Bosph could give. The destruction and death caused by the bombardment was instead attributed to an act of punishment by the Yentarr.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

The Yentarr were first mentioned in the thirteenth issue of the West End Games' Star Wars roleplaying game supplement series, the Star Wars Adventure Journals. The article it appeared in gave a detailed description of the Bosph species and was part of the Alien Encounters series. It was written by Brian Smithson and published in 1997. Some of the information from the article including the Yentarr was then republished in Alien Encounters, a West End Games supplement book released in 1998 compiled by Jen Seiden.


Notes and referencesEdit

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