"My last acquisition was a little gravel-maggot named Yerlad. I'd admit I went a little rough on him, but those scars will always remind him of me. He fears me now, and my kind. That's good, because fear is the only way to keep those animals in line. He killed five people: five men who put their lives on the line for the Empire. He claimed to be fighting for the Rebel Alliance, and I'm sure the widows really appreciate that."
―Malis, to Rengor Vanth[src]

Yerlad was a male individual who served the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. After Yerlad killed five men who were affiliated with the Galactic Empire, a bounty was placed on his head and he was captured by the bounty hunter Malis. Yerlad was left with scars as a result of his encounter with Malis, making him fearful of all bounty hunters. Malis later spoke about Yerlad during an interview with the Sektor 242 NewsLine journalist Rengor Vanth.[1]


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