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Yerva Kologhar was a Human male and a pilot in the Republic navy.


Kologhar was a veteran of the Acturus VII campaign and had the grade of commandant. During his years of service, he only avoided being court martialed because of his abilities and will to accomplish "dirty" missions. Seven years after the start of the war with the Ischim Empire, he volunteered himself for a diplomatic mission led by Karl Descemovitch.

Shortly before this, he had been fired from the Yavhine Tactical Fighter School because he replaced training torpedoes with true weapons as he thought it to be more fun. Although weapons were not allowed in this mission, he introduced some to the ship.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kologhar was a stubborn, veteran pilot with a strong individualistic tendency. Alcoholic, he tend to be big mouth but had a good heart.

He did not care about mannerism and preferred bars to official receptions, and did not care more about orders. However, his will to accomplish dangerous missions balanced his insubordination.

Behind the scenesEdit

Yerva Kologhar was created by Franck Vidal for an ambiguously canon roleplaying scenario which appeared in the French magazine Avalon 2.

For gameplay purposes, his characteristics were those of Han Solo.