"I prefer to serve the winning side. When the Empire wins, I shall rule here, in their name."
―Ygal Delois[src]

Ygal Delois was a dark-haired Calian male who served as a member of the Calian Confederacy and a protégé to Aron Peacebringer in the capital city of Illyriaqüm on the planet, Shiva IV. Soon after the Battle of Hoth, Imperial forces led by General Sk'ar, landed on Shiva IV and established a power base there. Delois knew that Sk'ar’s forces were of a greater strength then that of his own people, and so he betrayed the Calian Conderacy and joined the Empire. Delois kept his actions secret from Aron Peacebringer.

Together, they discovered that a small shuttle craft carrying Princess Leia had crash landed on Shiva IV. Leia was coming to warn the Calian Confederacy of an encroaching Imperial threat. Delois and Aron rescued the princess, but moments later, Delois arrested them and handed them over to General Sk'ar. Aron and Leia eventually freed themselves and linked up with members of both the Rebel Alliance and the Twelve Tribes of T'Syriél. Together, they destroyed General Sk'ar and arrested Ygal Delois as a traitor.



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