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The Yinchorri system, or Yinchorr system was a star system that contained one sun and the planets Yinchorr, Uhanayih, Yitheeth, and Yibikkoror. It was located in the Expansion Region's Fellwe sector.

Behind the scenesEdit

The New Essential Chronology names Uhanayih, Yitheeth, and Yibikkoror as moons of Yinchorr, when Jedi Council: Acts of War makes it clear they are separate planets.

The Essential Atlas places the planet Yinchorr in the Expansion Region; however, Ultimate Alien Anthology says that Yinchorr is located in the Outer Rim Territories, whereas A Two-Edged Sword and the map in Star Wars Insider 65 put it in the Mid Rim.



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