Yissk was a male Barabel bodyguard of Liash Keane, leader of Epsis criminal organization.


Twelve years before she stationed herself on Point Nadir, Keane encountered Yissk, who was enslaved and forced to compete in a gladiatorial arena for scraps of food. She took an interest in the mistreated brute and attempted to purchase Yissk from his captors, but was given the brush-off. She returned some time later with six of her Epsis associates and convinced Yissk's owners she was making them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Yissk was originally wary of his new master, but Keane took the time to help him acclimate to his new freedom, going so far as to learn the Barabel. In his native tongue, Keane offered Yissk a choice: return home to Barab I or stay and work as her personal bodyguard. Yissk chose to stay and repay his debt to the mysterious woman who had given him his freedom.


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