Yith Ganar was a female Kel Dor and a tech specialist. She was 1.6 meters tall and had black eyes and dusky red skin.


Ganar worked on Dorin as a tech specialist, notable because of her determination and skill. She was, however, an introverted person, in part because she had no patience for criticism, and in part because she had an energetic mood. She had an aggressive tone in her voice, as if she was insulting whenever she spoke.

When Ganar was rejected for a promotion, she decided to quit her job and become a trader. She had no savings or reputation, and her family and her few friends tried to convince her not to do it, but she had made her choice.

She then tried to build her own BTL Y-wing starfighter with tools and ship parts. The project was considered impossible, but Ganar managed to succeed. Immediately after that, she left Dorin and all the people who had ever doubted of her skills as a mechanic, or as a pilot.

Ganar then began working as an escort, a mechanic and a scout. It is said that a Bothan freighter captain hired her to re-build damaged engines. However, the captain commented about her "debatable technical experience". Three weeks after that, his ship simply dismantled when entering hyperspace. Ganar denied nothing and only turned her attention to the task at hand.

Ganar had a hidden inferiority complex. She was insecure and thus tried to constantly prove her worth, which is why she worked so hard without ever fraternizing with other pilots or mechanics.

Behind the scenesEdit

As with many of the characters in the book Ultimate Adversaries, Ganar's story is purposely ambiguous so that she can be introduced in any campaign, no matter the era. This is why her loyalty—to the Empire or the Republic—is not mentioned.


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