"My loyal bodyguard. You can see why I took off."
Thrackan Sal-Solo to Jaina Solo[src]

The Ylesian Presidential Guard was the official bodyguard of the President of the Ylesian Republic. Their commander was a Duros.

When Thrackan Sal-Solo was President of Ylesia and the Peace Brigade, the Guards were given the weapons of the Warrior caste used by the Yuuzhan Vong, including amphistaffs and vonduun crab armor. However, the armor kept biting the Peace Brigaders, so they switched to a laminite version of the armor. They also had trouble mastering the commands of the amphistaff, and several Brigaders had injured themselves trying to control the biots.

When Supreme Commander Maal Lah arrived to bring the Peace Brigade troops to standard, he inspected the Presidential Guard. The mere sight of them made him long for his kinsman, Czulkang Lah, to whip them—literally—into shape. Sal-Solo whole-heartedly agreed, and actually had Dagga Marl provide for his protection.


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